My daughter, Adriane, her ex-fiance, Shawn, my older sister, Coke and I
decided to drive to Paso Robles to visit Adelaida Cemetery to check out this
story about Charlotte for ourselves.  After checking into the Paso Robles Inn,
Adriane decided to lay down for awhile, since she was not feeling too well.  
Meanwhile, Coke, Shawn and I left to go to the cemetery at around 2:00pm
that day to check it out and to see if we could find Charlotte's grave and take
some photos.

A long and winding road finally lead us up into the hills to this quiet,
neglected, lonely and rarely-visited cemetery with a few homes scattered in
the area.  After parking, Coke decided to wait in the car which was parked a
few feet away from the main gate because the temperature that day was
about 104 degrees and she would have had trouble walking with a cane since
the ground was pretty rough.  She would act as our "watchdog" while Shawn
and I entered the cemetery to take pictures and look for Charlotte's grave.      

This cemetery was rundown, surrounded by tall weeds, trees and a high-wire
fence and to my knowledge, you could only enter through the main gate or a
small entrance near the main gate.  I was completely in awe of this small
cemetery with all of its old headstones because each headstone had a story
to tell.  Shawn and I continued on, climbing up a little hill where there were
more grave sites.  About 20 minutes had passed and while I was shooting
photos, Shawn suddenly yelled out to me that he had found Charlotte's
grave, which was several yards away, to my right.  Her grave site was
surrounded by three graves of young children, one of which I believe to have
been hers.  You could barely read the writing on the headstones, long-faded
with age.  Shawn was beginning to feel very sad, uneasy and emotional while
standing around Charlotte's grave, so after about an hour, we agreed that it
would be safe to come again that night around 10:00, hoping to see
Charlotte or whatever else that decided to show up.  

Evening came and at 9:40pm, with Adriane in tow, we gathered up everything
we needed in a black bag, which included two headlights (the ones with
straps that you put over your head), a night vision scope, two Olympus
cameras, three extra rolls of 800 ASA speed film, an infrared thermal
scanner, an EMF detector, a compass, extra batteries, paper and pen and
headed out to Adelaida Cemetery.  Little did we know that when we got to
the cemetery at 10:20pm, most of the equipment was useless because it
was pitch-black and all you could see were millions of stars in the sky, but no
moon and no street lights, just an occasional car driving by in the near
distance.  We ended up just using the headlights (not much help since they
were just as bright as those little night lights).  Coke again decided to stay in
the car which was parked almost directly in front of the main gate.  She would
again act as a "watchdog" and if she saw anything suspicious in or outside
the cemetery or if someone approached or left the cemetery, whether it be a
mortal or immortal being, that she would hit the horn to warn us.  

Mind you, we did not break into the cemetery since there was another
smaller, opened entrance near the main gate which was kept chained and
padlocked at night.  There were no "Do Not Trespass" signs posted
anywhere.  Adriane, Shawn and I proceeded into the cemetery and after
about 15 minutes, we managed to find our way up the little hill to Charlotte's
grave.  As soon as we got there, Adriane became very agitated and
overwhelmed with sadness, telling us that she did not like the energy
surrounding the grave site.  Just so you know, Adriane is not one who fears
ghosts or the paranormal and while she has always been sensitive to certain
places and energies, her reaction at the cemetery was greatly out of
character!  While Shawn was trying to comfort her, I managed to take a few
photos.  By then, it was about 11:05pm and Adriane was in tears, begging us
to take her back to the car, which we did.  She kept saying that we did not
belong there.  Shawn and I wanted to go back into the cemetery, but Adriane
continued to beg us not to go back.  

I was one disappointed ghost researcher and at the same time, I was very
concerned for my daughter's well-being.  We got into the car, locked all the
doors and decided to sit for awhile, hoping that maybe we might see
Charlotte walking along the side of the road in front of the cemetery where
she has been reputedly seen by witnesses.  I sat in the driver's seat with
Coke next to me while Shawn and Adriane sat in the back seat.  I still had
some film left in the camera but Adriane did not want me to get out of the
car, so I took more pictures while sticking the camera outside the car window
and aiming it towards the cemetery, the sky and the road, as did Shawn with
my other camera.  

Approximately 10 minutes had passed when Adriane and Shawn suddenly
heard what sounded like a woman talking right beside them, outside their car
window, although they could not decipher what she was saying.  There was
nothing there.  Then, they heard someone laugh and I can tell you that it
certainly was not any of us!  Adriane and Shawn started screaming
hysterically, yelling something about a ghost, and I cried, "Huh?  What?  A
ghost??  Where?!"  Both Coke and I are hearing-impaired and unfortunately,
we did not hear the voices or the laughter.  It was actually comical just
watching Adriane's and Shawn's hysterical behaviors.  Then, all of the
sudden, Shawn and Adriane became very quiet....they were hearing
footsteps coming toward the car from somewhere beside them.  We all
peered through the windows, but did not see anything.  Out of nowhere, a
white dog suddenly appeared beside the back seat window of the
passenger's side and looked up at Shawn and Adriane, scaring the living
bejesus out of them!  As the white dog turned to walk away, Shawn managed
to take a picture of it through the car window.  The white dog then walked to
the middle of the road while keeping its eyes fixated on Adriane and Shawn.  
This dog had a human-like stare and a very bizarre behavior!  It then
proceeded across the road and disappeared.  It was bad enough to hear
strange voices and laughter but the eerie incident with this white dog was like
a scene straight out of "The Twilight Zone" and that was all Adriane and
Shawn could take!  They screamed for me to gun the gas pedal, so I sped
off and headed back to Paso Robles.  

When we got back to the hotel, Adriane made a comment, "I just know that
something is going to show up on film".  The next morning, I took the four
rolls of film to be developed at a one-hour photo shop and came back at
around 6:00 that evening to pick up the photos.  Well, guess what?  Adriane
was right!  To our amazement, the white dog was not our only visitor at the
check out the photos!

My Story