Close-up of apparition.  Is this Charlotte?  
She fits the witnesses` description of  her.  If it`s not her,
then Charlotte is not alone.

Note:  It is not my intention to convince anyone of the
existence of ghosts, spirits and apparitions, but to educate
those who are believers or open-minded to such beliefs.
Ghosts or apparitions can appear solid as you or me with
definable form and features, which can be quite rare.  Other
appearances are luminous, transparent, wispy, fuzzy and/or
foggy-like.  Their images can be seen in mirrors and they
can also cast shadows in which they are known as "shadow
The Strange White Dog  
Taken at night, pitch-black and outside the cemetery gate.  
Could this orb possibly be a spirit or a portal to another
dimension?  Who knows.....orb photos are debatable.

Ghost of Charlotte Sitton?